Webapp for The Spanish Institute of Commercial Exterior (ICEX)


Webapp for The Spanish Institute of Commercial Exterior (ICEX). Hong Kong, China. May 2013

The Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) used for the Hofex HuddleApp Tradeshow in Hong Kong. Thanks to HuddleApp, Gastronomic +34’s sister company, 56 Spanish Food & Wine companies were able to provide continually updated information about their company and products (125 in total), as well as increase their participation in the event with video, images, and links to social networks. With HuddleApp, ICEX was reliable to offer attendees important information about seminars, and update them constantly about companies’ activities without having to waste money on printing materials and resources. HuddleApp received more than 1000 visits with an average of more than 2 minutes per visit.

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