The Basque Government US Promotional Campaign


The Basque government hired Gastronomic + 34 to conceptualize and manage an agro-food promotion program, “Basque Country Savour it,” in the US. Throughout a week, New York and Washington received the landing of the products and the Basque cuisine in full swing through several actions:

  • Through the Basque Food & Wine Showroom in New York and Washington, where it was presented to the professional food service industry, importers and news, products and gastronomy of the Basque Country. 28 Basque companies participated in the show rooms with the assistance of the Lehendakari Patxi Lopez, and accompanied by the Minister Pilar Unzalu.
  • Though a press lunch in New York and Washington DC. We organized two meals for gastronomic trade press. The feasts were prepared by chefs Martin Berasategui (in New York) and Juan Mari Arzak (in Washington). The Lehendakari Patxi López presided meals and chef Anthony Bourdain was one of the attendees.
  • Through promotions of restaurants in New York. We selected 7 restaurants in New York and for a week promoted products and Basque cuisine. During the promotion more than 1,500 pairings Basque pintxos and wines were served.


“Comida Prensa Especializada”. New York and Washington. October 2011

Gastronomic +34 organized a dinner where we invited the press specialized in gastronomy. Chefs Martin Berasategui (in New York) and Juan Mari Arzak (in Washington) prepared the banquet and the Basque regional president Patxi Lopez presented the food. Chef Anthony Bourdain was one of the 35 assistants.


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