Sabor e Saber

Ricard Camarena Inhotim preparacion

Sabor e Saber, Belo Horizonte, May 2010

This program lasted ten days and consisted of dinners, tastings, workshops, commercial agendas and cultural acts. All activities took place in Belo Horizonte and the spectacular Contemporaneous Art Museum Inhotim, the most important museum of Latin America. In its 3rd edition, Gastronomic+34 coordinated the participation of the sponsors and four Spanish chefs: David Reartes (Blanc de Tófona), Ramón Caso (Altair), Beatriz Sotelo (A estación) and Ricard Camarena (Arrop).

Sponsors and Collaborators: ICEX, Excal, Institut del Cava, Instituto Cervantes, Sebrae, Senac, Instituto Velloso.

IMG00216-20100521-2216 _MG_8426 David Reartes, Inhotim