The Emirates Culinary Guild

The Emirates Culinary Guild (ECG) is the professional chef association of theUnited Arab Emirates. Its members are veteran professionals in the country, with decision-taking power. It annually organizes the Salón Culinaire in the fair Gulfood, as well as other culinary competitions and events. Gastronomic+34 collaborates with the Emirates Culinary Guild within the frame of the fair Gulfood.

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Abrasel is the Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants. After 25 years of history, its more than 5,800 members are present in 312 cities of the country. Its annual congress “Abrasel Restaurante Show” that takes place inBrasiliagathers about 10,000 attendees and has become one of the required meetings of the sector.

Gastronomic+34 collaborates with Abrasel in its congress and other projects.

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The Culinary Institute of América

The Culinary Institute of America is the most important Gastronomic University of the US and a worldwide referent. With 4 university campus (New York, California, Texas and Singapore), has more than 40,000 ex-students in management positions and with decision-taking power in the US and the international food-service sector. Gastronomic+34 is the agency of the Culinary Institute of America in Spain. For more info: