Sentido Común

Common sense

We know that it may seem obvious, but for us, applying the common sense in everything we do is crucial. All starts there, then ideas will come, the analysis, the teamwork, the creativity, the innovation, the audacity … but always after hearing what the customer really wants, bearing in mind their goals and the available resources.



Our lifestyle spurs us on to desire to control and supervise each and all aspects related to each event or activity to ensure its commercial, organization and diffusion success. We are very demanding, with ourselves and our partners, as we seek excellence in everything we do. It’s our way of being in constant improvement.



Our goal is to get the maximum trading performance in any program we organize. We are not interested in events selling image only. We are interested in programs congresses or conferences where, while Spanish cooking and culture is disseminated, multiple business opportunities come up for the companies involved. The use of new technologies allows us to maximize this performance.



We believe in networking and that’s why we have a wide network of collaborators both in Spain and Europe, America and Asia. We do not organize any event without the collaboration of local institutions and partners.



We particularly like and appreciate innovation, so we use a wide range of technological and sensory solutions in our events programs and promotions, our main asset being the QVAPP WebApp.